Our History

How we became a leading provider of high quality inbound and outbound call center services

Our company's history began more than fifteen years ago with the idea of principal founder John Doe and his colleagues, Paul and Bill McMillan, who saw a need for supporting businesses of all kinds through providing them with high -quality customer support services. Throughout our history here at Retnec we have built foundations for countless business and helped them connect to the masses through the services we provide.


The Founding of Call Center, First Achievements

Call Center began with the creation of the companys first department, which was initially designed to provide customer support for small businesses. A few years later our founders along with other call center industry leaders, saw a need for structured processes and measurements to ensure operations delivered consistently high performance. This group developed what is now called the CCMS Standardoriginally a comprehensive performance management system for call centers but now encompasses all customer experience operations.


Extending the Range of Provided Services and Solutions

We quickly became a thought leader within the call center industry and began offering training and consulting services to help organizations improve their operational performance. Call Center also expanded its reach to outsourced providers of call center services as well as vendor management organizations (VMOs) that procure and manage these third-party services. But our greatest success in 2005 was the implementation of outbound services.


Call Center Introduces Inbound Services

Our company became widely recognized after introduction of inbound services for small and medium businesses. This type of call center solutions later became popular among international corporations who were looking for a reliable customer support services provider on an outsourcing basis. Such an approach gave companies an ability to retain customer loyalty, while offering better customer support service with the help of our employees. Answering customer queries became a direct way to the improvemnt of companies brand image, providing our clients with deeper roots and strong upholds in the market.


Partnering with Companies in Europe and Asia

Since 2012 we have been expanding to offer more and better inbound/outboind call center services to a bigger amount of customers. To make it possible, we partnered with several providers of telecommunication and customer support services in European and Asian countries. 5 years later, we saw results we didnt even count on. By this time the company had helped hundreds of major brands in the automotive, financial services, healthcare, retail, telecom, technology and travel and hospitality industries to improve the operational performance. The reputation of #1 customer service provider offered us better future prospects but also required improvement of the companys standards. We achieved the latter through a more varied range of support & call center services as well as implementation of BPO services for companies who were looking for maximizing ROI. Other part of this strategy included promoting the newly developed segment of Web Enabled services such as Order Taking, Billing Queries, Email & Chat Support. Call Center has even greater plans for the future and are always ready to provide specialized support solutions for our customers. We are extremely proud of the work we have done thus far, and plan to continue our hard work.

My job is to help companies worldwide achieve their goals whilst having high-quality customer support along the way. My team does this by tailoring call center solutions for our clients needs.

John Doe



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Call Center is the leading provider of inbound and outbound customer support solutions. We help you improve your marketing strategy or get instant feedback from your customers.

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We have been working with different customers and markets for years now, and they are not limited by the USA only. We have whats needed when it comes to international cooperation.

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