Vocal Victories

Telephone agents dont have the luxury of using body language to convey information. With effective vocal techniques the only tool at their discretion, agents must appreciate that the way they speak to customers reflects the company brand. Sounding professional at all times, regardless of accent, personality or mood is fundamental.

This e-learning course will help agents fine-tune their vocal techniques to become better communicators over the telephone. Learn how to get rid of distracting voice mannerisms and identify the seven vocal characteristics and how to improve each one for a better voice.

If used properly, the voice can support and enhance your verbal message. However, sometimes distracting vocal mannerisms can creep into the speech, negatively impacting the professional image. We will help agents become aware of the most common speaking distractions and give specific tips and techniques for improvement so they can communicate with confidence and use their voice as a telephone communication tool.

After finishing the courses of the program, participants are eligible to take the mastery certification exam to validate and recognize the learning achievements gained through the program.

Contact Center Basics

Get new agents up to speed quickly. Agents will learn about the main operational functions of a contact center; from the importance of schedule adherence, to performance measures, to providing the best service possible. Agents will also gain an insight into their role and how their individual contribution can impact daily call center operations.

This e-learning course provides an introduction to the world of call centers. For agents to perform to their maximum potential, its important for each person to understand the context in which their job is performed. Frontline staff will learn all about call center operations and where they fit in the big picture of service and operations. You will also explore the most important call center operational functions.

Students will learn how to describe the current call center profession and its many career possibilities; describe the various types of call centers and their purposes; outline the eight basic operational functions of a call center; identify the most common call center performance measures and how it impacts individual expectations contribute to call center operations in a positive way and improve customers experience.

Successful Sales

Selling through Service

This part of Successful Sales course will help frontline staff get prepared for their role in customer-focused selling and learn to overcome selling fears.

Sales for Call Center Employees

As more call centers move toward up-selling and cross-selling, yesterdays customer service agent needs to be todays sales representative with the proper skills.

Sales Training

Behind every successful sale is a confident, engaged agent. With effective sales training, agents can embrace the idea that upselling and cross-selling should be a part of the service process, not the goal of the call. Agents will also learn how to build and increase trust.

Inbound Sales

After this course your agents will make most of inbound sales opportunities, both in pure sales and service/sales environments.

Digital Customer Service

Today's customers know more and expect more. The ability to provide a professional social customer experience is key for many centers. Equipped with the power of words, agents will learn how to communicate with customers without relying on face-to-face or vocal techniques - to deliver a truly coherent social customer experience on every widely used platform, from Facebook to Instagram. This course will become your way to appropriate handling typical social interaction with customers and recognizing key social customer types as well as handling their expectations.apply the five key characteristics of a competent social agent.use the Social Private Social model for handling sensitive queries online.

Quick Overview:

This course equips agents with the essential skills and knowledge required to handle customers effectively online, and explores best practices for ensuring a first-class service experience throughout every interaction. At the end of this course, agents should be able to use established techniques for responding professionally to customers on social media; follow the simple but effective Customer Service Model; apply tips and best practices for handling customer complaints online.

Workforce Management

As over two-thirds of call center operating costs are related to personnel, getting the right number of staff in place is critical, in terms of both service and cost. Workforce Management is one of our primary fields of expertise, and our training courses have assisted hundreds of companies to improve their staffing and scheduling efficiencies. This interactive e-learning course describes the challenges of WFM, outlines the steps in the WFM process, and reviews various WFM roles and responsibilities in the call center.

This course outlines the implications of getting the numbers wrong, as well as the step-by-step process of effectively forecasting calls, calculating staff requirements, creating staff schedules, and tracking daily service and performance. It shows the critical tradeoffs between staffing, service, and cost and how each of these tradeoffs affects the final staff count.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance course introduces absolutely new measures of your employees work quality control and how they handle new challenges of customer support. This program pursues the goal of improving your agents performance while also developing new and effective measures of maintaining existing customers and acquiring new ones.

As one of our latest courses, Quality Assurance is designed to be engaging and informative, with practical exercises and essential information to help you gain the skills you and your team need. This program provides not only necessary tools and skills for quality control of your current employees but also techniques for shaping call behaviors and coaching your new candidates as it is an essential component in improving your services.

Quality Assurance is a multi-faceted course providing your personnel with more possibilities of analyzing your customers feedback. The program allows you to gather and analyze your customers perception of your company. It focuses on what your customers expect from a product or service, what they prefer, and what they dont like and how you can put it to good use.

Customer Service Communication Course

This course, developed by Call Center experts provides a basic insighrt on giving better customer service.

From making a good impression to closing up shop, there are specific actions every employee who connects with customers can take to enhance the service experience. This program reviews 20 essentials for consistently meeting and exceeding expectations.

As part of your training program, we will modify content as needed to meet your business objectives. Upon request, we will provide you with a copy of the participant materials prior to the session(s). By the end of this course, participants should have a thorough understanding of delivering better customer service.